Coenergia offrirà i portachiavi token di Electromaps grazie ad accordi con Wallbox
24 Sep
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Coenergia will offer Electromaps key rings token thanks to agreements with Wallbox

Sep 24, 2021 WallboxElectromapsToken

Electromaps Charging app for electric vehicles

Electromaps is the leading charging application in Southern Europe and allows electric vehicle drivers to locate, access and pay at charging points across Europe.

Electromaps has roaming agreements with Hubject, Gireve and other major CPOs. Electric vehicle drivers can access public charging stations through the app or through an RFID token.

Electromaps' RFID token simplifies the charging experience as, once registered in the app, electric vehicle drivers can simply tap the RFID closest to the charging station to start or finish the charging session.

Coenergia thanks to agreements made with Wallbox will pay homage to 200 Electromaps key rings

In future purchases a keychain with Electromaps RFID token will be put inside each Wallbox Pulsar plus, Copper SB and Commander 2 while stocks last, (including a small card with QR to download the App and simple instructions for using it). The keychain and the card will be shipped regardless of the chargers available to the end customer.
For more info contact Coenergia by calling 0376598512, writing to, contacting your trusted Coenergia agent.