03 Nov
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BYD firmware update required

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BYD has informed us of a necessary firmware update to be done before winter for all BYB Battery-Box Premium HVM / HVS systems with firmware versions BMU <3.13 and BMS <3.19.
This NEW update provides better protection during a prolonged PV “outage” in the winter season and is important for keeping the system running. For this reason, this update is to be considered mandatory.

We therefore invite you to carry out the intervention on the installed machines as soon as possible:
  • If the machines are NOT connected to the internet, it will be necessary to update directly on site following the procedure you find attached
  • If the machines ARE connected to the internet, the update may have already been installed automatically at the beginning of September 2020. In this case, we recommend that you check the firmware version installed. If it matches BMU: V3.13 or BMS: V3.19, it means it is already up to date

Here is the complete BYD documentation.
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