01 Apr
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Apr 01, 2012
ADAPTATION OF PRODUCTS Mastervolt FOR COMPLIANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS SET OUT IN PARAGRAPH 4.1 OF THE RESOLUTION OF 08/03/2012 84/2012/R/EEL Authority pursuant to art. 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree December 28, 2000 n. 445

Dear customers,

In the attached declaration in lieu of affidavit in accordance with the resolution of the Authority. The document declares the inverters are designed to be brought into conformity with the provisions of Resolution 84/2012/R/EEL, paragraph 4.1 lettara a) and d). It is understood that the machines in the warehouse, the edit operation should be carried out and certified by the distributor or installer.
Tutte le nuove macchine, che arriveranno direttamente dalla casa madre, saranno già dotate della suddetta dichiarazione.

We remain at your disposal for further information.

Best Regards

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