Function chart


CEO Giulio Arletti
COO Carlo Moretti

Sales Direction

International Sales Manager Davide Caprara

Thermal Direction

Thermal Manager Jurij Valori

Marketing Department

Marketing Manager Cinzia Bardiani

Customer Care

Shipments Giulia Delvò
Shipments - Foreign Martina Trevisi

Administration Office

Customer Billing Carla Grillenzoni
Customer Billing Valentina Ferrari
Customer Billing Tania Scarduelli
Suppliers Billing Gianluca Sissa
Purchasing Office Luca Arletti

Sales - Technical Office

Product Manager Cristian Barca
Sales agent Davide Nosari
Technical | Sales Cristian Nigro
Technical | Sales Gianmarco Moretti
Internal Sales Lara Scarduelli
Internal Sales Solima Sabri

Technical Office

Technical Sales Alessandro Cavazza
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