Solibro Hanergy

The success of Solibro GmbH, located in Germany, basically depends on the commitment and spirit of its employees. The company, which sells mainly CIGS, use its resources to get the best results on the market.
CIGS (Cu, Al, Ga, Se2) has the highest efficiency potential between the materials of thin film solar cells. Solibro's CIGS technology is the result of years of research and development carried out at the University of Uppsala. These activities have led to results at the international level, such as, for example, the current world record for CIGS thin film modules with an efficiency of 17.4%.
The dedication of the Solibro CIGS technology dates back to 30 years ago, when the company's founders began their research in the field. The research and development has, over the years, led to various innovations and results of efficiency record. The company currently holds the world record efficiency for thin-film modules: 18.7%.
With its range of products, Solibro GmbH makes an important contribution to ensure the supply of sustainable energy. Every day, the company works on the development of environmental, safety and quality, so that it can always offer its customers the best possible products. Solibro GmbH with bureaucracy, hierarchy and overhead costs are kept to a minimum.