Coenergia is distributor of Panasonic photovoltaic panels in Italy and worldwide.
From 1 April 2012, SANYO photovoltaic modules will be sold under the PANASONIC logo, but will remain the same as the quality and characteristics of each module and the establishment in which they are manufactured.
Panasonic is a company that, by developing unique technologies and offering excellent products and services, aims to become a world-renowned company. The group tries to become "indispensable as the sun". This name (Sanyo) was given by the founder, Toshio Iue, and means "three oceans" in particular the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans: in other words, the whole world.
In the Coenergia catalog there are HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer) photovoltaic modules, made with HIT solar cells, consisting of a thin, monocrystalline wafer covered with ultra-thin amorphous silicon. A feature of this technology is to reduce the radiation loss and consequently increase the efficiency of the panels.
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