Ominik Med Srl was born with the cohesion of the Chinese and German innovation integrated for the development and the production of the photovoltaic inverter with an high qualified staff,  which  make Omnik as a Worldwide Leader in the inverter production.
The Omniksol inverter has a remarkable success  among  the biggest distributors in the Netherlands, Germany,  United Kingdom,  Australia, Italy,  Spain and in many others places all over the World.
The Omik inverters are appreciate for their prestigious specification, for the stable performances and for the qualified post-sales service thanks to a proper sales network with authorized distributors and photovoltaic installers.
Omnik aims to provide to their client an High Performance, Reliability and Convenience in the products with an higher value for money.
In addition, the Omnik photovoltaic inverter has a conversion efficiency extremely high, as a demonstration the inverter Omniksol-2k-TL was appointed to Photon as a N°1 for the Efficiency in the inverter category until 3 kW.
Moreover Omnik Med Srl was the first producer in the world to integrated the Wifi In their inverter.
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