Innova srl ​​is an Italian company operating in the renewable energy, heating, air conditioning and ventilation sector. Founded in 2004, it is based in Storo (Trento).
All Innova products are the result of research and technological innovation and are designed to have a reduced environmental impact. The Innova product catalog includes, for example, air conditioners without external unit, air conditioners, heat recovery units, heat pumps, convectors, fan convectors (or fan coils).
Coenergia is an authorized reseller of Innova Energie fan coils, which it offers for sale for Italy and Europe. Innova convectors and fan coils are available in various lines: AirLeaf. These fan coils can be installed on the floor, wall, recessed into the wall. They are elegant and design products, suitable for any type of environment. Depending on the models, they can be used for heating, cooling and dehumidifying indoor environments. Can also be integrated with home automation and remote management.
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