The Eterbright Solar Corporation, founded in 2010, specializes in the research, development and production of photovoltaic thin film modules.
The use of eco-friendly and cadmium-free materials increases the competitiveness of the product on the market especially in EU and US where environmental protection is very much felt.
Eterbright thin film modules have a high level of efficiency of photoelectric conversion even in situations of low solar radiation, this allows to produce even when you have low light.
Thanks to the glass layer of sodium and calcium, unique in photovoltaic, and thanks to a structural reinforcement, these modules are resistant to wind and snow.
This quality makes the products a global leader in the thin film photovoltaic modules industry.
In addition, the instrumental design of the module, the anodized aluminum alloy and the black frame makes this module perfect for many types of installation.
Moreover, in case of partial shading of the module, it will continue its production, in contrast with other technologies.
Eterbright is constantly developing to produce higher efficient products.