Ecoluxion: a new solution in the LED lamps installation.
Ecoluxion srl is an Italian company based in Modena, which deals with the design and distribution of LED lighting fixtures characterized by a high technological content.
Particular attention was paid to industrial appliances, where the company expresses its greatest experience, making it possible to market products with higer performance than the competition, maintaining a very high production standard.
The construction details with which Ecoluxion products are made make them usable even at very high temperatures, up to 65 º C, when notoriously the LED lighting fixtures are put to the test. In the catalogue are available various types of LED lamps for home interior lighting and for industrial lighting, such as ceiling lights, spotlights, projectors. Ecoluxion is the new solution for the installation of LED lamps!
Coenergia is a retailer of Ecoluxion lighting systems, lighting fixtures and led lights for Italy and Europe.