Connet srl Control Network

Connet Srl, founded in Padova in 1990, is specialized in the design manufacture and sale of equipment monitoring and remote management in the following areas:

  • Remote monitoring water networks
  • Remote monitoring of tanks and dispensing systems technical gases
  • Telecontrol cathodic protection systems
  • Supervision of facilities for aquaculture
  • Public transport fleet management and commercial
  • Remote control of public and industrial lighting installations
  • Controls for biomass plants
  • Monitoring and management of photovoltaic systems
The products of the range that we offer, are used to give to the user an easy instrument to understand how his PV system work and how to optimize the use of energy.
It's easy to install, which allows the installer to ensure the maintenance of the plant and the DISTRIBUTOR to have a complete tracking for each system sold.
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