SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter SETAPP - for systems with 277/480 V mains

SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter - for commercial solutions with 277/480 V network
Three-phase string inverter without transformer
Available Powers:

Warranty: 12 years extendable up to 20 years (extension purchasable within 24 months from the date of shipment)

Available from October 2020
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Specifically designed to work with power optimizers

  • Fixed voltage inverters for higher efficiency (98.3%) and longer strings
  • Quick and simplified commissioning of the inverter from a smartphone using the SolarEdge SetApp
  • Small, the lightest in its class, and easy to install
  • Integrated type 2 DC surge protection for better lightning protection
  • Optional RS485 and Type 2 AC surge protection additions
  • Advanced safety functions: integrated protection against electric arc faults and optional rapid shutdown
  • Integrated module-level monitoring with Ethernet, wireless or cellular communication for full system visibility
  • Smart Energy management control
  • Indoor and outdoor installation IP65
  • The optional integrated DC safety unit eliminates the need for external DC isolators
  • SolarEdge storage solution ready for the future
Code SE40000-B

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