Three-Phase PVS 10-12.5-15-TL - FIMER

PVS 10-12.5-15-TL
The new family of PVS string inverters, with power up to 15 kW, was designed with the aim of maximizing
return on investment in commercial and industrial applications such as canopies, roof systems and trackers.

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- Easy installation and maintenance
The compact design of the product, consisting of a single mechanic, allows to save on installation costs.
Thanks to the connectors located on the outside of the inverter, installation is quick and easy, without the need to open the front cover.
In addition, the absence of fuses guarantees savings on costs and maintenance times, minimizing interventions on the site

- Maximum flexibility and integration
Its input voltage range and its connection system guarantees flexibility to the inverter and makes it suitable for both new systems and retrofit projects.
The new inverter family guarantees maximum integration with the latest technologies in the photovoltaic field, including double-sided modules.

- Advanced communication
Quick commissioning thanks to the Installer for solar inverters app, which allows the commissioning of several inverters at the same time, saving up to 70% of commissioning time.
The monitoring of the currents of the individual strings allows you to keep the status of the photovoltaic generator under control and to identify any faults in real time.
The FIMER Export limitation solution is standard and allows you to meet the power export limits imposed by the utilities, without the need for additional external devices.

Main features
• Compact inverter suitable for vertical installation
• Fuse-free design
• Installation on new systems and retrofit applications
• Maximum string voltage 1100Vdc
• PID prevention function (optional)
• Commissioning through the Installer for solar inverters app
• Integrated Export limitation function
• Monitoring of the current of each individual string
• Electric arc detection system (optional)

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