PLENTICORE BI AC Three-Phase Inverter - Kostal

Inverter Thhree phase AC series PLENTICORE BI
Available powers: 5.5 kWp | 10 kWp 
Warranty: 5 years
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Three-phase inverters PLENTICORE BI
  • All-In-One
    Compatible with BYD's Battery Box Premium HVS / HVM high voltage battery
    Field of application: from detached houses to commercial buildings Ideal for retrofitting existing PV systems
  • Smart connected
    Smart Communication Board - state-of-the-art and with new functions that can be expanded via the app
    Display, datalogger, system monitoring, integrated network and control interfaces as standard,
    WLAN ready via external USBWLAN adapter.
    Free solar portal to monitor the PV system. Compatible with SmartHome
  • Smart performance
    Low conversion losses thanks to the high voltage battery
    Battery charging from various AC power sources
    Flexibly scalable by connecting battery accumulators in the size 5.1 - 66.3 kWh
    Peak Shaving
    Timed battery control - charge / discharge when electricity is cheap / expensive
  • Easy to install
    Easy configuration of the devices via the commissioning wizard
    Safe installation through the easy separate connection area and protected power electronics
    Compatible with Type A RCDs
    Auto Update and Remote Support