Sale Dishwasher Double Entry

Coenergia is a retailer and distributor of Bosch dishwasher dual-input energy saving.
The Bosch dishwashers have a bithermal double-ended for hot and cold water (AcquaStop) can be used in combination with heating from renewable sources (such as solar thermal, heat pumps and district heating) in order to exploit the entrance hot or cold water depending on the selected program. In this way it is possible to save more than 30% compared to dishwashers that use only the cold water and then the heat through resistance.
You can choose (with a botton) when using the double entry. In this way, for example, in the summer, you can take advantage of the domestic hot water use to reduce power consumption, and in the winter you may want to select the input of cold water only in order to give priority to health for the use of 'hot water.
Thanks to the energy class A ++ and A +, these Bosch dishwashers allow an energy saving of about 20% compared to the models in class A. In addition, the intelligent washing system allows you to use less water, thus obtaining a saving in electricity bills.
The Bosch dishwasher integrate perfectly to the design of your kitchen because they are "hidden" behind a panel identical to that used for the doors and drawers. The controls are only accessible once you open the door and are arranged at the top of the dishwasher door.
To know the prices of the various models or to request a quotation free supply, refer to the datasheet.
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