E-Bike: The Electric Bike with Assisted Pedaling

Coenergia is a retailer of electric bicycles, a economic and environmentally friendly transport.
Usually the terms "electric bicycle" and "pedal assisted bicycle" are used interchangeably. The correct term is, however, the second. As it sets in the Highway Code, which transposed the European directive 2002/24 / EC, the pedal assisted bikes (also called epac, pedelec or bipa) is a bicycle equipped with an auxiliary electric motor that has to have a maximum power of 0.25 kW (250W) and whose power supply should be interrupted on reaching 25 kilometers per hour or when the cyclist stops pedaling. Only if the bike meets these requirements, it is homologated for road use.
The AGOGS specializes in bicycle pedal assisted models with high-quality lithium battery. Various models are available: from the small folding bike with wheels from 20 '' to the city bikes, electric bikes up to the mountain. All bikes are lightweight, yet rugged and reliable, with long-life batteries.
For more details on pricing or to request a quote, consult the technical manual.
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